Sit Up Bar with suction base


  •  It can be used to train the abdomen, slim the waist and reduce the abdominal fat when you have the abdominal workout.
  • The enlarged and thickened suction cup enjoys stronger suction, and is durable to use.
  • The fitness equipment which occupies small area and is easy to use.
  •  Suitable for home, office, gym. 
  • Made of foam and stainless steel tube, durable.



1. Find clean and flat ground, and avoid gaps between the ground.

2. Place the sit-up rod on the ground, and then pull down the lock.

3. Adjust the gear position to a comfortable height to suit your feet.



1. Use the product on a hard and smooth floor

2. Make sure the bottom of the base is clean and fixed before use

3. Keep the rubber of the base moist so that the sit-up pole can better adhere to the ground

4. Avoid long-term use of this product under high temperature and high humidity conditions to avoid rapid aging of rubber

5. It is recommended to re-fix after one hour of use to ensure sufficient suction

6. Only used for fitness training, not for other ways

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