Professional Cervical Massage Machine - White/Grey

It massages in a knocking manner, just as someone knocking your back.

Get relief from Unwanted Stress and Fatigue and give a Boost to your Immune System by Cervical Massage Shawl. The Innovative Snug-fit, Drum-massage technology eases Tension and Stress from Your Back and Shoulders, Offering Deep Tissue relief. 

Its body-hugging design provides targeted contact points on your Neck and Back, Thus Providing a Powerful Punch that penetrates deep into the muscle layers and provides soothing and Effective relief for your body. 

The Cervical Massage Shawl with ts Powerful Drumming Massage Pounds away Stress and Tension to Rejuvenate, Invigorate and Energize you. It can also be apply on your calf and thighs. No need to go to Spa or a professional Massager. The versatile cervical Massage Shawl provides deep tissue relief for aching neck and shoulders. Loosening your stiff muscles to Improve circulation so you feel more Energized after each massage.

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