Muscly 3pc Hip Resistance Bands

  • Upgraded resistance bands: Upgraded resistance bands on the legs and hips can help you solve the problem of body shape. Sports bands can lift the hips, modify the legs, shape a beautiful body, and effectively relieve stress and fatigue.
  • Made of soft material: Our fitness band is 3x15 inches wide, made of soft and durable soft fabric, and the inner layer has latex wire, which can keep the fitness band stable and will not move during exercise. More comfortable and durable.
  • Different tension level: Our elastic bands are different from other elastic bands. All of our elastic bands are 15 * 3.15 inches, but the tension is different, you can switch between the 3 tension levels at any time according to your preferences. To increase the challenge. Whether you are a beginner in sports, professionals are very suitable.
  • Suitable for a variety of sports: the hip belt is very suitable for assisting yoga, Pilates, beach body exercises and post-natal shaping. The soft hip belt does not slip or roll up during exercise, and is the best choice for sports and fitness.
  • Easy to use and carry: The fabric fitness strap comes with a handbag, which can be put directly into your sports bag without taking up too much space. It is very suitable for resistance training in travel, family, gym, park and other places, so that you can carry out fitness activities anywhere.

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