Calorie counting rope

  •  JUMP ROPE WITH COUNTER: Come with built in counter which allow you to input your weight for you to track the time and rotations and how much calories you burned. The tiny screen which displays on this fitness jump rope shows Timer, Weight, Calorie and Number of skips (Circles) is useful to monitor your exercising progress. It is also embedded with a sound effect when you reach to the exercise goal you set.
  • ADJUSTABLE JUMP ROPE: the jumping rope for exercise design with 9 feet long of the rope, it has spare rope to adjust to a larger length without tools for a taller person. Not only adults but also child can play it. Perfect jump rope for men, women, kids, youth.
  • As a digital Calorie counter to calculate and record the exercise time, Calorie count, number of jumps, and the user's weight on the LCD display screen

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