50kg Adjustable Dumbbells with Barbell Bar in a Case (25kg each)

  • Adjustable Weight- With dumbbells available in smaller size, totally up to 50KG, you're free to customize the weight setting to meet the training needs. Made of cast iron the fitness dumbbells kit provides you with various weight options.
  • Multi-purpose Design- Not limited to different dumbbells combination, the fitness equipment comes with a connecting rod and can be assembled as barbell to improve leg muscle training. Multi-functional strength training equipment offers a better training way than any other exercise machines.
  • Safe Design- Weight plates are made of high quality cast iron, It is easy to adjust the weights as they can be slid on to the bar and secured into place by the spinlock collars. The dumbbell set is designed with a textured handle grip to help improve stability and forearm control during bicep curls.
  • Widely Used-Our weight fitness set works great while walking, running and cardio exercises to help boost calorie-burning, and also great for physical therapy. It helps train and strengthen your quads, glutes, buttocks, abs, biceps, triceps, legs and knees at home or gym. With the effective fat-burning fitness equipment, body shaping is quite simple and easy.
  • Package List
  1. 4 x 5KG counterweight
  2. 4 x 2.5KG counterweight
  3. 6 x 1.25KG counterweight
  4. 6 x 0.5KG counterweight
  5. Hexagonal screw 6pcs
  6. Dumbbell bar 2pcs
  7. Barbell bar 2pcs
  8. Barbell connecting screw 1pc

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